felt art shawls

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Felt art and fibre art shawls in organic and natural materials, dyed with natural dyes.

summer shawls
Summer nuno felt shawls

These shawls are excellent on cool summer evenings, as well as in other seasons when it is not very cold. They are made in nuno felt, using very sheer silk fabrics.

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winter shawls

Winter felt art shawls

Warm and cosy shawls that will keep you warm in cold winters.

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upcycled felt shawls

Upcycled felt art shawls

The fabrics and yarns that I used in these shawls are recycled. The wool is dyed with natural dyes.

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freeform patchwork felt shawlsFreeform patchwork felt art shawls

Made from felt or nuno felt, stitched together by machine or by hand to make it into a very unusual shawl. I also incorporate knitting and crochet in some of them.

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white wedding shawls

White wedding fibre art shawls.

Bridal shawls in white, either in felt or nuno felt or knitted.

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the artistgalleryshoptutorialsworkshopsblogcontactlinks

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