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Art to Wear

One of a kind eco Fashion, created with love and passion to enhance our natural beauty.

All my work is made using  eco friendly materials, such as certified organic Australian  merino wool, certified organic cotton, silk and recycled natural materials. I believe that it is important for our bodies to wear natural materials.

Natural dyes.
I work exclusively with natural dyes, using techniques that don't need harsh chemicals. Some of the dyeing processes are slow and can take months before the cloth is ready. The recycled or vintage materials I use might have been dyed with synthetic dyes.
I source my dye materials from fair trade and organic suppliers and try to work more and more with local plants, especially from my garden. I experiment with dyeing techniques that need very little water and I use mainly rainwater for this. 

Creating zero waste. Leftover fabrics, yarns and threads are used in other felt projects, so hardly anything is thrown out. I enjoy every step of my journey towards a more sustainable practice.

Felt art wearables that are pleasant to the eye and comfortable to the body.
felt scarves

felt shawls
felt ponchos






belts and other work

Home Art

Wall hangings in felt and other fibres.

I use organic or chemical free wool and other natural fibres, together with the same natural dye techniques as for my wearables.
wall art

the artistgalleryshoptutorialsworkshopsblogcontactlinks

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